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Folding the Hull

After months of welding, back gouging, and grinding. The 75 foot long piece of steel is pulled into shape. The boat is starting to literally take shape.

Gouging or Grinding

Most times you can cool down the metal being ground by spraying water onto it, which of course you can't do when gouging. So, metal heating because of grinding shoudn't be a great concern.

Welding & Passivation

The root side of the weld must be protected against oxidation especially in gas-shielded arc welding. Protection with shielding gas is commonly applied. Back-gouging (grinding) of the root and welding from the reverse side of the joint can also be used when the design so permits.

Back Gouging and Root Pass Applications using 3M™ Cubitron

Application video on Back Gouging and Root Pass Applications using 3M™ Cubitron™ II Cut and Grind Wheels For more information or to request a sample go to: 3

Automatic Gouge | Automatic Girth seam gouge - Tank Welding LLC

Automatic girth seam gouge is built to back gouge welds on stainless steel and nickel steel storage tanks to minimize excessive grinding. The automatic gouge Incorporates plasma arc gouging system components (Power Source, automatic gouging torch, ALC, gas console) Motorized Full cabin effectively house operators and gouging gears and provides

3M™ Cut & Grind Wheel | 3M United States

3M™ Cut & Grind Wheels are engineered to help you get more work done for your dollar. These versatile wheels serve as both a depressed center grinding wheel and a cut-off wheel, allowing you to seamlessly switch from cutting applications like back gouging to grinding a bevel without taking the time to switch out your wheel.

Welding Clad Plate by SMAW Process | PAKTECHPOINT

5.4 Back-Gouging or Grinding. 5.4.1 After welding the steel backing, groove the joint by back-gouging or grinding. The resulting groove shall extend 1.6 mm (1/16 in) minimum below the under surface of the cladding. See Figure 3. 5.4.2 In all cases, the groove shall have a radius of at least 3 mm (1/8 in). In no case shall it to be a V groove

Farros Blatter - Metalworking Machinery Systems, Inc

Farros Blatter specializes in the design and production of special grinding installations for the vessel and pipe industry. Farros Blatter offers equipment for: Back Gouging, Edge Preparation, Surface Grinding & Polishing and Weld Seam Removal. The following pictures are provided to give you an example of some of the equipment available.

How To Shape New Bowl Gouge Profile - Tool (Adjust, Change

On the more coarse grinding wheel at your sharpening station, preferably around 80 grit, grind just the front nose of the bowl gouge. Bevel Angle Step Three. Use the protractor and re-measure the nose bevel angle of the gouge. Keep grinding just the nose until it matches your desired bevel angle from the bowl gouge heel up to the flute.

PDF Wel Welding Terminolgy & Definitions Ding Defini

Back Gouging: The removal of weld and base metal by arc gouging or grinding from the other side of a partially welded joint to assure complete fusion and penetration upon subsequent welding from that side. Backstep Sequence: A longitudinal sequence in which weld passes are made in the direction opposite to the progress of welding. 20 W E L D I

Back gouging | Article about back gouging by The Free

At Gulf Industry Fair, the company will be showing pictures and a DVD about its most popular machines for edge preparation, back gouging, weld seam removal of longitudinal and circumferential seams and the grinding and polishing of internal and external surfaces as well as machines for grinding stainless steel vessels and dished ends with small material thickness of 600 mm to 1,500 mm.

Choosing a gouging method - The Fabricator

In maintenance and repair, operators must remove any of the following: welds or metal to replace a worn or defective part; worn hardfaced deposits so that hardfacing can be reapplied; defects in a weld so the part can be rewelded. Backgouging welds to sound metal also may be necessary when both sides of a plate are to be welded. Gouging also is used in the foundry business to remove fins, risers, and defects from castings. Common methods of gouging are mechanical techniques such as grinding, han

Grinding with grinding disc - Farros Grinding Systems

Back gouging of longitudinal and circumferential weld seams roots in vessels and pipes construction, inside and outside . Scope of application: min inside- ø 800 mm, length depending on the boom dimension. Material removal rates: up to 600 g/min with grinding disc. Advantages: Assured gouging of the weld root, thus prevention of weld faults

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Grinder for back gauging G400 - G.B.C. Industrial Tools Grinder for back gouging. G400 Grinding disc dia. 400 mm. Richiedi il tuo preventivo! The GBC G400 is a light, powerful, compact and versatile grinder, suitable

Back Gouging for Full Penetration Welds - Longevity

When the metal isn’t too thick, it doesn’t take too long and doesn’t require a lot of gouging – an electric or air grinder is sometimes an ideal tool when it comes to back gouging. Based on the configuration of the joint, either a thick or a thin coarse or rough disc may be the ideal tool to get the task done.

Gouging how-to - Welding Productivity

Typical applications include the back-gouging of weld seams to reach the deposited weld metal from the other side of the workpiece, the removal of gates and risers from castings, the removal of old or excess weld metal so that equipment can be repaired and the reshaping of torn metal prior to welding repair, notably on construction equipment.

AWS D1.1 Procedure Qualification Backing / Backgouging - AWS

Once the welder has passed one of the performance qualification test required by AWS D1.1, the contractor can require additional performance testing, i.e., the contractor can require a back gouge operation so the welder can demonstrate proficiency with the grinder or carbon arc gouging equipment (but only after passing the required AWS

What is Gouging in Welding? - WEST MIDLANDS UPDATE

The process of air carbon-arc gouging is generated between the tip of a carbon electrode and the workpiece. The metal becomes molten and a high velocity air streams down the electrode to blow it away and thus leaves a clean groove. It is a simply process to apply, has a high metal removal rate and gouge profile can be closely controlled.

Arc Gouging Basics (Part 3): Gouging Back to Sound Metal

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Can you grind a weld flat?

Back gouging / grinding is a process cutting a groove in the back side of a joint that has been welded. Back gouging can ensure 100% fusion at the root and remove discontinues of the root pass. This process can also remove the root pass metal if the properties of the metal are not desirable to the finished weld .


Back Gouging: The removal of weld and base metal by arc gouging or grinding from the other side of a partially welded joint to assure complete fusion and penetration upon subsequent welding from that side. Backstep Sequence: A longitudinal sequence in which weld passes are made in the direction opposite to the progress of welding. 20 W E L D I N G D E F I N I T I O N S W

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