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Nano-Engineered Strong, Durable and Multifunctional/Smart

The concrete with nanotip material has ultrahigh piezoresistive response to stress and strain. Nano-Engineered Strong, Durable and Multifunctional/Smart Concretes | Scientific.Net Registration Log In

Nanoengineered concrete could cut CO2 emissions

MIT Professor Franz-Josef Ulm and post-doc Georgios Constantinides have shown that the strength of concrete lies in the way its nanoparticles are organized -- like oranges stacked in a supermarket.

Nanoengineered concrete could cut carbon dioxide emissions

One group of engineers at MIT decided to focus its work on the nanostructure of concrete, the world's most widely used material. The production of cement, the primary component of concrete, accounts for 5 to 10 percent of the world's total carbon dioxide emissions; the process is an important contributor to global warming.

Nano‐Engineered Cements with Enhanced Mechanical Performance

This article reports on the effect of liquid‐state mechano‐chemical activation on performance of nano‐engineered cements (NEC). Microstructural characterization of NEC and contribution of activated cement (AC) phase were investigated using dynamic light scattering, X‐ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, and isothermal

Low-Carbon Concrete Can Fight Global Warming - ASME

A group at Exeter University in England has developed a nano-engineered graphene-concrete that displays an “increase of up to 146 percent in the compressive and 79.5 percent in the flexural strength.” Their concrete also displays dramatically reduced water permeability, making it ideal for flood-prone areas.

Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) - Bendable Concrete

This is the first book on Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC), an advanced concrete material attracting world-wide attention in both the academic community and in industry. The book presents a comprehensive coverage of the material design methodology, processing methodology, mechanical and durability properties, smart functions, and

Investigating pore structure of nano-engineered concrete with

Pore structure, the most important structural feature of reactive powder concrete (RPC) with nanofillers, is closely related to the dispersion quality, content level and internal structure of nanofillers. In order to characterize the pore structure of RPC and comprehensively understand the effect of nanofillers on the microscopic behavior of concrete, this paper studies the pore structure of

Nano-engineered ultra-high performance concrete for

In this study, a novel nano-engineered ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) with controlled autogenous shrinkage has been proposed. The study uses nanoscale cellulose filaments (CF) as a novel tool for mitigating autogenous shrinkage in UHPC.

Benefits and Applications

Nano-engineering of aluminum, steel, asphalt, concrete and other cementitious materials, and their recycled forms offers great promise in terms of improving the performance, resiliency, and longevity of highway and transportation infrastructure components while reducing their life cycle cost.

Interfacial characteristics of nano-engineered concrete

The nanofillers together with cement hydration products constitute nano-core–shell elements to form an extensive modification networks inside concrete matrix,. Concrete is widely regarded as a type of three-phases composites constituted of aggregates, cement paste matrix, and interface between them.

Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering

3) Nano-modified concrete cuts down construction schedules while reducing labour-intensive (and expensive) tasks. Also it can reduce the cost of repair and maintenance. 4) The paint and coatings industry consists of approximately annual sales of $20 billion (Baer et al. 2003).

Technology | Tekway High Performance ADA Tiles by StrongGo

TekWay's nano-engineered concrete has a low water absorption rate of less than < 0.09%. Proven, Secure, & Maintenance-Free Installation System. ADA Detectable Warning System's installation should create a secure bond between the tile and the concrete. To accomplish this, TekWay ADA Domes are made of a nano-engineered polymer concrete and

MIT: Nanoengineered concrete could cut CO2 emissions

One group of engineers at MIT is focusing its work on the nanostructure of concrete, the world's most widely used material.

Tailoring cement and concrete materials based on nano-core

He is a member of the editorial board of five international journals and has published 3 books (Self-Sensing Concrete in Smart Structures, Elsevier 2014; Smart and Multifunctional Concrete toward Sustainable Infrastructures, Springer 2017; Nano-Engineered Cementitious Composites: Principles and Practices, Springer 2019), 12 book chapters and


Goal: 100% cement replaced nano engineered green concrete without heat treatment having comparable properties to that of OPC. Updates. 0 new. 2. Recommendations. 0 new. 4. Followers. 0 new. 48. Reads.

Nano-Engineered Polyurethane Resin-Modified Concrete

The goal of the proposed work is to investigate the application of nano-engineered polyurethane (NEPU) emulsions for latex modified concrete (LMC). NEPU emulsions are non-toxic, environment friendly, durable over a wide temperature range, provide better adhesion, high strength, less cracking, and compatible with all mortar types.


Concrete can be nano-engineered by the incorporation of nanosized building blocks or objects (e.g., nanoparticles and nanotubes) to control material behavior and add novel properties, or by the grafting of molecules onto cement . particles, cement phases, aggregates, and additives (including nanosized additives) to

Stronggo | Tekway | ADA Domes & Tiles as Detectable

TekWay Nano-Engineered Polymer Concrete Durability Over the Lifetime of the Project Since 2004, TekWay has been producing reliable ADA Dome Tile solutions to create the perfect balance of functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

Ultrahigh Performance Nanoengineered Graphene–Concrete

There is a wide consensus in the research community that concrete, the most used construction material worldwide, has to be engineered at the nanoscale, where its chemical and physiomechanical properties can be truly enhanced.

Nano material in concrete

Nano engineered concrete - Duration: 3:32. CSIR-Central Building Research Institute 7,610 views. 3:32. Carbon fiber advantages in concrete boom pumps - Duration: 7:08.

Nano-Engineered Cementitious Composites - Principles and

Nano-engineered cementitious composites are exceptionally strong, durable and offer multifunctional/smart performance that differs considerably from that of normal cementitious composites. Providing valuable insights into these composites’ future development, the book offers an essential source of information, inspiration, theory and practical guidance for developing sustainable

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