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2-Stroke Porting — Duncan Racing

Duncan Racing International, Inc. 9380 Bond Ave Suite B, El Cajon, CA 92021. Phone: 619-258-6306 | Fax: 619-258-6309. [email protected]

How to Build a High Performance HD Shovelhead engine

The following information for building a high performance Shovelhead engine was discovered in the archives of a Harley-Davidson dealership. The list of modifications has been attributed to the HD Engineering Group responsible for XR-750 development in the late 70's or early 80's.

Cr250 Cylinder For Sale - Replacement Engine Parts

Honda Cr250 Cr 250 Engine Cylinder Head Stud X6. $1997.00. New Genuine . New Genuine Honda Cylinder Head 99 00 01 Cr250 R Oem Top End X11. $2021.00. 1998 Honda . 1998 Honda Cr250 Cr250r Cr 250 Bottom End Cylinder Built Stroker Motor Engine. $2021.00. Honda Cr250 .

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Squish Velocity info

The D head is without a squish band. Squish Velocity in the Combustion Chamber of a 2-Stroke Cycle Engine Avraham Ziv, Engineering Div., McCulloch Corp. Four cylinder heads with different combustion chamber dimensions were built to test the effect of various squish velocities on a number of engine parameters.

EngineLabs Blueprint Series: Verifying Piston-to-Head

Then install the cylinder head and head gasket and torque the head in place. Rotate the engine gently by hand over at least four rotations to ensure the piston has rotated past TDC at least twice. Then measure the thickness of the clay impression to determine the piston-dome-to-chamber clearance. This should be roughly 0.050-inch in order to

Machine your cylinder head - Two Stroke Performance Engine

Just send us your head, an accurate squish clearance measurement (How-To video here) and a completed Work Order Form . We have machined thousands of heads over many years and know how to set up a combustion chamber correctly to suit a range of fuels and riding conditions. Our head designs are usually suited to standard pump fuel and we don't use overly high compression ratios (unless request

RB Racing Squish Band and Deck Height Calculator

The Squish Band or "Quench" is defined as that area between the flat of the piston and the flat of the cylinder head at top dead center (TDC). On the compression stroke, as the piston approaches TDC, the compressed mixture of fuel and air is "squished" to the remaining space of the combustion chamber where the spark plug and valves reside.

YZ250 squish clearance - Page 7 - Yamaha 2 Stroke

Squish is correct (tapers from .047 at the outside edge to .057, squish is ~59% of head area, low/mid motor). My bike will put up 245-252 psi on my compression gauge. I've tested 2 other YZ250's with stock heads, I believe the numbers were 202 and 218 psi (and a weak YZ that was around 180ish).

TorqSoft - Squish Velocity - Calculation Tool

The combustion chamber is centrally located and has a squish area of 40% and a squish clearance of 0.85 mm. The trapped compression ratio is 7.8. Within the engine box enter 54 for the Bore, hit the tab key and enter 54.5 for the Stroke, hit

Importance of squish and how to find the right measure of it

The measurement of the squish is done by utilizing a solderwire with a diameter greater than 1,5 mm (ideally about 1,8 mm). This wire is placed inside the combustion chamber, then, by rotating the crankshaft the wire is pressed down to measure the exact minimum distance between the cylinder head and the piston crown.

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Scootering classics: Squish Velocity - Piece 3 of the power

A commonly used phrase in head design is ‘squish clearance’ but ‘squish velocity’ is a term that will be new to some, it is a measurement that refers to the speed with which the fuel/air charge is compressed/squished out of the squish clearance gap between piston and head, and plays an important role in making a modern two-stroke engine

Fire in the Hole - Hot Rod

A major breakthrough in combustion chamber design was realized by Ricardo, who invented the turbulent cylinder head for a side-valve motor. Taking place in the early 1900s, it set new standards

PDF 2 Stroke Head Repair - When is it needed?

2 Stroke Head Repair - When is it needed? Minor damage The head in the picture to the left has some very minor pitting from debris in the engine, slight detonation, or possibly a porous casting from the manufacturer. This type of pitting has no effect on performance. A light sanding and polishing of the squish angle area and the dome is all that is required. The gasket surface should always be

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One cooper sandwich type head gasket, 14 ARP head studs. Grade 8 nuts and washers. Our valve train is also unique to this head only, with needle bearing and roller tip rocker arms, 2:1 ratio, stud mounted. A .275 lift cam lobe will produce .550 lift at the valve. At this lift, the head has flowed 285 cfm of air at 28hg water.

Mega-Sphere™ for Twin-Cam Motorcycle Engines from Dave Mackie

The Mega-Sphere™ is a 360° squish head and piston design from Dave Mackie Engineering (DME). The DME 20° piston is made using JE or CP Pistons premium forgings. It is a 20° full dome piston that is dished in the center. The piston dish and the shape of the head combine to form a near spherical combustion chamber at top dead center.

2StrokeHeads - RK Tek

RK Tek designs and builds custom 2 stroke aftermarket performance heads for ATV's ,snowmobiles, and motorcycles. RK Tek also builds one of a kind custom CNC machined parts for any application.

TECH Tip cylinder head

squish band usually consists of between 40-50% of the total piston crown area and is slightly less with high revving motors. The angle and clearance measurements of the squish band depend on the performance required and the shape of the pistons crown. Normally the squish band clearance should not be less than between 1.1-1.5mm.

Geoff Battick's Notes on 2 Stroke Engine Modification

In the simplest terms, MSV tuning influences jetting requirements and fine tunes the powerband and helps eliminate detonation. One thing that anyone can check on their engine is the squish clearance. This is a measurement of how close the piston gets to the squish area of the head when the piston is at TDC.

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